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Instead of just putting in names and writing self-flattering descriptions I have included in the Testomonial Section of this Web Page first names of some of my current clients with last names changed enough to protect their privacy. I also included  a description of type of services they were involved in. The frequency of their return visits should speak for itself.


Mike has done various video tape transfers  and photo scanning for personal projects. I also have done 2 photo montage videos for my son's football end of year banquet party. " Each one better than the last"

 I have also done a family history video with CREATE A VIDEO INC. that included photos ,video clips and title descriptions. I also have had 2 photo montages done for family members.
Sandy Gilbert, Client since 2006​



6th Custom photo montage I have done with Mike for family members. We always go over my desires for each project together. If Mike has a better idea on something he always suggests it. These are truly custom videos .

Virginia Danford, Client since 2010


Create A Video Inc. has taken thousands of my family photos  scanned them to digital format to preserve them and also made photo videos out of them for viewing. I have also had a number of video tapes and LP's edited and transfered to disc. I trusted this company with my  treasured memories.
George Coefield, Client since 2010


I entrusted Create A Video Inc. with close to 10,000 ft of Film, 1000's of photographes & slides from my father's estate to preserve on disc and hard drive. All was accomplished  as promised.
Gail Chimes, Out of Town Client


Create A Video Inc. has put together numerous audio cd's with music for gifts for friends and family. "Always pleased with the results."
Betty Espack, Client since 2012


From numerous video tapes to dvd with my requesting custom labeling, some old family film movies and currently  converting digital video files from my video camera to dvd format.
Bonnie Bedford, Client since 2006


I have been into Create A Video Inc. at least 20 times over the years for editing & prompt dvd and cd duplication with custom disc labels.

Joe Jarista, Client since 2007

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